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Who was that masked (sleeping) man?

Published Monday, May 14, 2012 @ 6:37 AM EDT
May 14 2012

Returned from my second sleep study about an hour ago.

Much better than the first one: I actually slept, and slept well.

I attribute this primarily to ignoring the admonition to avoid caffeine, sugar, and nicotine on the day of the study. I did that last time, and the caffeine and nicotine withdrawal symptoms- as well as having to sleep on my back- eliminated the possibility of experiencing anything resembling normal sleep.

But this time- thanks to the CPAP machine, the consumption of nominal amounts of performance-enhancing drugs during the day, and the ability to move freely while sleeping- I had probably the best seven or so hours of sleep I've had in the past year.

The technician said I reached deep sleep almost immediately, dreamed a great deal, and slept very soundly, even though wearing the CPAP mask which, I'm glad to report, didn't bother me at all.

If they could actually see what I had been dreaming, they'd understand:

I'm Batman.

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