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Published Tuesday, September 25, 2012 @ 8:29 AM EDT
Sep 25 2012

via Twitter:

You know what would be funny? If the Olympic refs went on strike and someone from real estate had to judge diving.
-Albert Brooks @AlbertBrooks

If someone knows where Vince McMahon is, let him know the NFL could use a leader with integrity to protect their sport.
-Michael Naidus @michaelnaidus

So the NFL with replacement refs is now like a card game with Jokers included as wild cards- every ten plays or so it just makes no sense.
-Bill Maher @billmaher

Don't believe what the government doesn't tell you.
-"Agent Smith" @TSAgov

Romney says if Iran develops a nuclear weapon "I would respond with the strongest possible tax cuts."
-Andy Borowitz @BorowitzReport

People who didn't mind a POTUS reading "My Pet Goat" while the US was attacked are furious a POTUS would go on "The View."
-John Fugelsang @JohnFugelsang

"Study Divides Breast Cancer Into Four Distinct Types." Insured, Uninsured, Good Luck and Romney Emergency Room Care.
-Elayne Boosler @ElayneBoosler

I'm not the type to "rise above". I'd rather meet face to face, no matter how low I must stoop.
-Ellen Barkin @EllenBarkin

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