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Looks phine oot meee...

Published Thursday, June 06, 2013 @ 7:05 AM EDT
Jun 06 2013

"Just because you can't decrypt the cipher doesn't mean there's something wrong with the code."
-The Covert Comic

My favorite post-modern aphorist, CIA spook, and fellow webmaster, The Covert Comic (follow him on Twitter; friend him on Facebook) sent me an e-mail yesterday telling me that the column on the right side of the page isn't rendering properly on Internet Explorer 8.

I jumped over to a remote machine running XP and IE8 and confirmed his report; the right column was appearing under the left column, and the horizontal position was wrong, too.

The page looked fine in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and the various browsers on my Android phone. It also rendered correctly in IE9 and IE10.

W3C's online markup validation service showed the style sheet was valid, but it did reveal some errors on the page. I manually corrected the bad code, ftp'ed it up to the website, and:

Big effing deal.

Back over to the XP/IE8 machine. Rename the page so I don't grab a bad, cached version. Type in the new url, and:


Alrighty, then.

If you're still using XP and IE8, you have much bigger problems than reading this page. You know what they say:

We now return you to our regularly scheduled whatever.

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