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Here's the rub..

Published Thursday, October 25, 2012 @ 7:14 AM EDT
Oct 25 2012

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had an article about teenagers “grinding” at Mt. Lebanon High school dances. The Urban Dictionary defines grinding as a dance style in which a girl stands in front of a boy, faces away from him, and rubs her rear on his crotch.

When I was in school, kids who broke any rule at a dance got tossed out; if they did it more than once, they were banned from attending any school social functions.

A college student commented in the P-G's Facebook comment area:

Rules established without logical reasoning are less likely to be followed than rules established with logical reasoning. This rule is trying to control the hormones of kids, and is based on what undesirable outcome? A fading societal rule that expressing sexuality is bad? That rule won't be respected and thus won't be followed.

In my day, if the school did something we didn't like, we told them so. Vocally, and in action. Vox discipuli is being ignored here.

I imagine that your suggestion is already in place. Or, call it a PDA [public display of attention-Ed.], since many schools have (unsuccessfully) banned those. Or just play music that no one can dance to! Oh, wait, these are kids and they tend to be creative, since that's what we send them to school to become, no? They'll figure out a way to do what they want to do, even if their new dance is mocking the draconian rules and/or administration.

If the school doesn't wanting dancing to occur, then it shouldn't host dances.


Well. In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, allow me to retort:

Kevin G. Barkes • Progressive Curmudgeon at KGB Report

I don't know precisely when “your day” was, but I grew up in the 60s. Every generation likes to think they invented outrageous sexual behavior, but the contributions made by us in those golden, halcyon days raised the bar to an unprecedented level. We were a part of something called “the sexual revolution.” Maybe you heard of it. It's in Wikipedia and everything. So your observation about fading societal rules regarding sexual expression is just, well, adorable.

It's not that we old fogies are offended by you kids dry humping on the dance floor as much as we're confused. Don't you have back seats anymore? I've seen cargo areas in SUVs bigger than the VW bug I had in high school.

Now, that was tough. We had to drive to our make-out spot with bald tires. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways.


By the way, the name of the principal of Mt. Lebanon High School is Mr. McFeeley. My admiration to the P-G's headline writer for exercising admirable restraint.

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