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Published Thursday, October 10, 2013 @ 6:17 AM EDT
Oct 10 2013

A long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy.
-Charles Manson

All extremes of feeling are allied with madness.
-Virginia Woolf

All great art has madness, and quite a lot of bad art has it, too.
-William Saroyan

America's always been a great place to be crazy. It just used to be harder to make a living that way.
-Charles Pierce

Being crazy isn't enough.
-Dr. Seuss

Concentrate on what you want to say to yourself and your friends. Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness. You say what you want to say when you don't care who's listening.
-Allen Ginsberg

Don't call me irrational. It makes me crazy when you do that. (From the TV series "Frasier")

Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.
-William Dement

Eccentricity is not, as dull people would have us believe, a form of madness. It is often a kind of innocent pride, and the man of genius and the aristocrat are frequently regarded as eccentrics because genius and aristocrat are entirely unafraid of and uninfluenced by the opinions and vagaries of the crowd.
-Edith Sitwell

Everyone's youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Excessive productivity can bring the most gifted man almost to madness.
-Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Great wits are sure to madness near allied,
And thin partitions do their bounds divide.
-John Dryden

Hollywood is wonderful. Anyone who doesn't like it is either crazy or sober.
-Raymond Chandler

Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense.
-Steve Landesberg

I am not insane, you just have no context.
-Velut Luna

I was once thrown out of a mental hospital for depressing the other patients.
--Oscar Levant

I'll take crazy over stupid any day.
-Joss Whedon

If you do something and people think you're stupid, just go for crazy. You get more respect that way because nobody likes stupid people.
-Louis C.K.

If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up.
-Hunter S. Thompson

Imagination does not breed insanity. Exactly what does breed insanity is reason. Poets do not go mad; but chess-players do. Mathematicians go mad, and cashiers, but creative artists very seldom.
-G.K. Chesterton

In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane.
-Oscar Wilde

In an individual one would regard it as evidence of insanity to see someone repeatedly undertaking enterprises that resulted in his losing precisely what he claimed he was trying to achieve; it is not less lunatic to do it on the international scale, but if you've been catching the news lately you'll have noticed it's being done more than ever.
-John Brunner

In Hollywood if you don't have a shrink, people think you're crazy.
-Johnny Carson

In the past, men created witches: now they create mental patients.
--Thomas Szasz

Industrial man- a sentient reciprocating engine having a fluctuating output, coupled to an iron wheel revolving with uniform velocity. And then we wonder why this should be the golden age of revolution and mental derangement.
--Aldous Huxley

Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.
-Nora Ephron

Insanity in the individual is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.
-Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.
-Rita Mae Brown

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a raise.
-Robert Brault

Insanity is often the logic of an accurate mind overtasked.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.
-Ray Bradbury

It is not the clear-sighted who lead the world. Great achievements are accomplished in a blessed, warm mental fog.
--Joseph Conrad

It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.
-Philip K. Dick

Look at Jewish history. Unrelieved lamenting would be intolerable. So, for every ten Jews beating their breasts, God designated one to be crazy and amuse the breast-beaters. By the time I was five I knew I was that one.
-Mel Brooks

Madness may be a sane response to an insane world, and insanity breeds special perceptions.
-R.D. Laing

Madness takes it toll. Please have exact change.

Maybe crazy is just the word we use for feelings that will not be contained.
-Anna Quindlen

Memory is a crazy woman who hoards colored rags and throws away food.
-Austin O'Malley

Money-giving is a very good criterion of a person's mental health. Generous people are rarely mentally ill people.
--Karl Menninger

Mothers are all slightly insane.
-J.D. Salinger

My grandmother was insane. She had pierced hearing aids.
-Steven Wright

Never tell a crazy person he's crazy.
-Tina Fey

Ninety percent of this game is half-mental.
--Yogi Berra

No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on the proper occasions.
-Henry Ward Beecher

Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.
-Robert Anton Wilson

Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid.
-Heinrich Heine

Party is the madness of many, for the gain of a few.
-Alexander Pope

Psychoanalysis is the mental illness it purports to cure.
--Karl Kraus

Reality is always controlled by the people who are most insane.
-Scott Adams

Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting.
-John Russel

So long as men denounce each other as mentally sick (homosexual, addicted, insane, and so forth)- so that the madman can always be considered the Other, never the Self- mental illness will remain an easily exploitable concept, and Coercive Psychiatry a flourishing institution.
--Thomas Szasz

Some may never live, but the crazy never die.
-Hunter S. Thompson

Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.
--Richard Carlson

The final test of fame is to have a crazy person imagine he is you.

The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to be insane in such a useful way that they can't commit you.
-Mark Edwards

The passion to interpret as madness that with which we disagree seems to have infected the best of contemporary minds.
-Thomas Szasz

The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they're okay, then it's you.
--Rita Mae Brown

There are hardly any excesses of the most crazed psychopath that cannot easily be duplicated by a normal kindly family man who just comes in to work every day and has a job to do.
-Terry Pratchett

There is a thin line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.
-Oscar Levant

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."
--Dave Barry

There is wisdom in madness and strong probability of truth in all accusations, for people are complete and everybody is capable of everything.
-Joseph Hell

This is a mournful discovery.
1) Those who agree with you are insane
2) Those who do not agree with you are in power.
-Philip K. Dick

To be crazy is not necessarily to writhe in snake pits or converse with imaginary gods. It can sometimes be not knowing what to do in the morning.
-Christopher Lehmann-Haupt

Truly great madness cannot be achieved without significant intelligence.
-Henrik Tikkanen

We do not have to visit a madhouse to find distorted minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.
--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When dealing with the insane, the best method is to pretend to be sane.
-Hermann Hesse

When I believe, I am crazy. When I don't believe, I suffer psychotic depression.
-Philip K. Dick

When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it is called Religion.
-Robert Pirsig

When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take command. Very often, that individual is crazy.
-Dave Barry

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