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Adventures in customer service, II

Published Friday, October 19, 2012 @ 1:54 PM EDT
Oct 19 2012

Kudos to Comcast.

Following Wednesday night's call, the correct replacement modem arrived today- just one business day after calling, and two days ahead of their ETA.

Of course, it didn't work when I initially plugged it in, but that's not unusual when you replace a cable modem with a different model. Ten minutes going through a recording reciting the obvious- make certain everything's connected, disconnect and reconnect to modem to the power line, etc.- and I was connected with a tech who did a reset from his end. Two minutes and we were back on the air.

80 meg/sec download, 10 upload. Not too shabby.

I have to admit that while Comcast engages in lots of irritating customer behavior- lots of recordings, punching in numbers- trying to get me to buy a pay-for-view wrestling event(!?)- when you finally do get to a real human, they solve things quickly, are pleasant, reasonable, and quite accommodating. And this has been my consistent experience for the past two years or so.

Just lose the pay-per-view sports messages that pop up on the cable box, ok? If I was an ultimate fighting fan, believe me, I'd know when the next big event was occurring.

And here's hoping the whole ship the old units back via UPS business works as well...

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