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The most talented human on earth

Published Monday, June 10, 2013 @ 11:29 AM EDT
Jun 10 2013

(YouTube video: "It's Bigger," the opening number from the 2013 Tony Awards.)

Watch Neil Patrick Harris' jaw-dropping performance at last night's Tony Awards show- eight minutes of stunning perfection that includes singing, dancing, a ten-second costume change, an acrobatic leap through a hoop, nearly having his ear bitten by Mike Tyson, a trick that mystifyingly transports him in under ten seconds to the back of the cavernous Radio City Music Hall, plus the choruses from every musical currently on Broadway.

Mr. Harris is unique. I know of no other performer with these stellar abilities, in addition to being intellectually brilliant, self-deprecating and dedicated to his family.

He turns 40 this Saturday- at 40, I began having difficultly bending at the knees.

Here's to his continued success.

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