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Throwback Thursday

Published Thursday, January 05, 2023 @ 11:36 AM EST
Jan 05 2023


TBT (1988) - Ralph was the dog with whom my kids grew up (1981-1995) and was, frankly, the only one who listened to me. We thought he was a mutt until the vet identified him as a Belgian Sheepdog.

I named him Ralph after the character on The Greatest American Hero, only to discover the name, derived from German and old English, means "Wolf-Counsel".

Ralph's ashes are under a bronze plaque in the back yard with the line "Our Sweet Beast." When I mentioned to my mother that Ralph's memorial, which had a raised sculpture of his head, cost significantly more than the plaque for my father's grave, she noted, "Well, Ralph was a good boy."

(Side note- with the total of 12 dogs and five cats that have graced us over the years, I think I have more remains on the property than John Wayne Gacy).

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