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Website update

Published Tuesday, July 08, 2014 @ 12:57 PM EDT
Jul 08 2014

Yeah, I'm still limping along with Thingamablog, the now-ophaned blogging software that creates scads of individual .html pages instead of depending upon host-based applications to produce on-demand SQL-generated output. Call me old fashioned.

Anyway, Thingamablog takes about two minutes to generate the files associated with a new post. But a post containing a new category? It was absurd. The other day it hit the wall, as far as I was concerned- nearly three hours to completely regenerate every file on the website.

Fortunately, I discovered the cause of the problem: the "Latest Posts" entry over on the right column, which lists the most recent blog entries. It appears the software needs to scan the entire database to produce that list. For every page that contains the "Latest Posts" code.

And if your website has over 4,600 pages...

So, "Latest Posts" now appears only on the front page and the archive index page.


Some other configuration notes:

Hotlinking to images on the site has been re-dis-enabled. Perhaps re-dis-enabled isn't a word, but it's accurate.

We've blocked a bunch of Russian and Asian scrapers, scammers, and would-be hackers by blocking access from a lot of sites in those areas.

http://www.kgbreport.com/wp-login.php is a text file that contains the single line

"This isn't a wordpress site. Sorry."

So give it up, willya?

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