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Happy birthday, Lulu...

Published Monday, February 07, 2011 @ 12:26 PM EST
Feb 07 2011

Lady Lucia (aka "Lucy" or "Lulu") is a feisty 13 today, which makes her either 91 or 68 in human years, depending upon whether you use the old or new human-dog years age equivalency tables.

Both are irrelevant to this saucy lady, whose personality is less like a Shetland sheepdog and more like the madame of a bordello. She's mouthy, fearless, and has an aggressive, determined gait, just like Spike the Bulldog in those old Warner Bros cartoons. Forget to let her out or feed her in a timely manner and she'll march right up to you and give you a piece of her mind.

She sleeps a bit more than she used to, but when she's awake, look out... when Lucy's on the move, you know it.

Lucy's big secret... she's a snuggle bunny. When no one else is around, she'll curl up next to you, kiss you senseless, then fall asleep and snore in your ear. The perfect lady, indeed.

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