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Fox News blasts unnamed 'terror mosque' contributor, who is... Rupert Mudoch's partner?

Published Tuesday, August 24, 2010 @ 6:33 AM EDT
Aug 24 2010

"Fox (News) tells us the terrible thing about this Kingdom Foundation... it's a very bad guy, but they never mention this fella's name. And they never showed this fella's picture. And they certainly never mentioned the fella they're talking about is part owner- of their company! Did the gang at Fox and Friends genuinely not know the head of the Kingdom Foundation's name and the fact that he is one of their part owners, or were they purposely covering it up because it did not help their fear-driven narrative?"-Jon Stewart

"If they're not as stupid as I believe them to be, they are really ******* evil."

"And if they're not as evil as I think they are, they are stupid."

"We're talking potatoes with mouths."

Categories: Church and State, Daily Show, First Amendment, Hypocrisy, Jon Stewart, Video, WTF?

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