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Published Thursday, January 24, 2019 @ 12:55 AM EST
Jan 24 2019

Jason Togyer, the executive director of Tube City Media, Inc. interviewed me last week on his radio show, "Two Rivers, 30 Minutes" which airs on the internet radio station WMCK-FM. "Tube City" and "Two Rivers" reference McKeesport, Pennsylvania, the base of Jason's media empire.

Jason also helms the Tube City Almanac, a link to which has been on the "KGB Recommends" list on the sidebar to the right for about ten years now.

Alas, the website is still broken; this post was of sufficient import to manually create it and wedge it into the existing pile of posts. In a few months we'll get new software up and running; not a trivial task due to determining the best method to import 17,000 or so html files into a new database while maintaining the links and dates of everything. We were real close a few weeks ago, until we exceeded some internal limit for imports. Back to the drawing board.,

In the meantime, I suggest checking KGB Report and my personal account on Facebook for frequent daily updates.

Categories: Jason Togyer, McKeesport, Shameless self-promotion, Tube City Media, Two Rivers, 30 Minutes, WMCK-FM


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