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Quotes of the day: Ruth Westheimer

Published Wednesday, June 04, 2014 @ 12:00 AM EDT
Jun 04 2014

Ruth Westheimer (born June 4, 1928) is a German sex therapist, media personality, and author best known as Dr. Ruth. The New York Times described her as a "Sorbonne-trained psychologist who became a kind of cultural icon in the 1980s... She ushered in the new age of freer, franker talk about sex on radio and television- and was endlessly parodied for her limitless enthusiasm and for having an accent only a psychologist could have. (Click here for full Wikipedia article)


A lesson taught with humor is a lesson retained.

An orgasm is just a reflex, like a sneeze.

Don't expect the stars to twinkle, don't expect the earth to move, don't expect orgasms.

I'm never embarrassed to say, 'I don't know.'

It really is better to fail than not to try, because if you never try, you'll never succeed, and as bad as failure feels, success feels so much better.

Masturbation. It's the opposite of the weather. Nearly everyone does it, but hardly anyone talks about it.

My favorite animal is the turtle. The reason is that in order for the turtle to move, it has to stick its neck out. There are going to be times in your life when you're going to have to stick your neck out. There will be challenges and instead of hiding in a shell, you have to go out and meet them.

Our way is not soft grass, it's a mountain path with lots of rocks. But it goes upwards, forward, toward the sun.

Personally, I don't like 'impotent.' Better is 'all out of love.'

Sex is good, but not as good as fresh sweet corn.

Sex is not a sin. Many people have complained that this is taking all the fun out of sex.

When it comes to sex, the most important six inches are the ones between the ears.

You can either give in to negative feelings or fight them, and I'm of the belief that you should fight them.

You'll never forget your first lover so try to make it someone you won't regret thinking about.

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