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Published Sunday, June 05, 2016 @ 5:44 AM EDT
Jun 05 2016

A sharp sense of the ironic can be the equivalent of the faith that moves mountains. Far more quickly than reason or logic, irony can penetrate rage and puncture self-pity.
-Moss Hart

A taste for irony has kept more hearts from breaking than a sense of humor, for it takes irony to appreciate the joke which is on oneself.
-Jessamyn West

And irony, oh the goddamed irony, that courses through the popular culture like a cancer. If nothing is serious anymore, then there's nothing to satirize.
-Berkeley Breathed

Britain and America are separated by the Irony Curtain.
-Dave Black

Clap an extinguisher upon your irony if you are unhappily blessed with a vein of it.
-Charles Lamb

From even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent.
-H.P. Lovecraft

I hate corporations and I'm not happy that they have taken over the film business but on the same hand I find myself being the head of a corporation. There's a certain irony there.
-George Lucas

If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort that it values more, it will lose that too.
-W. Somerset Maugham

Irony is a clear consciousness of an eternal agility, of the infinitely abundant chaos.
-Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Irony is a qualification of subjectivity.
-Søren Kierkegaard

Irony is the form of paradox. Paradox is what is good and great at the same time.
-Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Irony is the gaiety of reflection and the joy of wisdom.
-Anatole France

Irony is the glory of slaves.
-Czeslaw Milosz

It was announced Gloria Steinem was recently married at the home of a lady friend named Wilma Mankiller, presumably in a bid by Ms. Steinem to see if she could get The Guinness Book of Irony to implode.
-Norman Liebmann

Men who retain irony are not to be trusted. They can't always resist an impulse to tickle themselves.
-Taylor Caldwell

My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son of a bitch.
-Jack Nicholson

Our universities are so determined to impose tolerance that they'll expel you for saying what you think and never notice the irony.
-John Perry Barlow

Sentimental irony is a dog that bays at the moon while pissing on graves.
-Karl Kraus

Sufficiently advanced political correctness is indistinguishable from irony.
-Erik Naggum

The irony is that in our decades, the combination of rationalism, asceticism, and individualism (the so-called Protestant Ethic) has produced precisely the system of boondoggling, luxury-consumption, and status.
-Paul Goodman

The irony of man's condition is that the deepest need is to be free of the anxiety of death and annihilation; but it is life itself which awakens it, and so we must shrink from being fully alive.
-Ernest Becker

The main business of a lawyer is to take the romance, the mystery, the irony, the ambiguity out of everything he touches.
-Antonin Scalia

The real marriage of true minds is for any two people to possess a sense of humor or irony pitched in exactly the same key, so that their joint glances on any subject cross like interarching searchlights.
-Edith Wharton

To dread irony is to fear reason.
-Sacha Guitry

We didn't need light and shade, irony or humor. An iconic Daltrey bellow could convey an extrodinary range of human emotion; withering sadness, self pity, loneliness, abandonment, spiritual desperation, the loss of childhood, as well as the more obvious rage and frustration, joy and triumph.
-Pete Townshend

When the government gives things names, you should keep your sense of irony handy.
-Joseph Sobran

White Americans have a very unusual sense of history. They make it up as they go along, constantly revising to suit their tastes in a manner that would make Stalin blush. Very few of them saw any irony in the fact that during a recent nasty Balkans conflict, when Uncle Sam intervened to stop the Serbs from ethnically cleansing the Bosnians, the military action was performed using Apache helicopter gunships. Helicopters named after a people that had been ethnically cleansed in the United States less than one hundred years previously. Sixteen lane highways across the sacred burial grounds. Yee-hah.
-Craig Ferguson

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