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Quotes of the day: Fulton J. Sheen

Published Thursday, May 08, 2014 @ 12:22 AM EDT
May 08 2014

Fulton John Sheen (born Peter John Sheen, May 8, 1895 – December 9, 1979) was an American bishop (later archbishop) of the Roman Catholic Church known for his preaching and especially his work on television and radio. (Click here for full Wikipedia article)


America's greatest enemy is not from without, but from within, and that enemy is hate: hatred of races, peoples, classes and religions. If America ever dies, it will be not through conquest but suicide.

Any book which inspires us to lead a better life is a good book.

Each of us makes his own weather, determines the color of the skies in the emotional universe which he inhabits.

Hearing nuns' confessions is like being stoned to death with popcorn.

If you don't behave as you believe, you will end by believing as you behave.

Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.

Marriage is like television: it eats up the material, and no one wants to hear it again.

More men discover their souls in darkness than they do in light. This is not to invite darkness; it is only to be reminded that darkness need not go to waste when it is thrust upon us.

No man hates God without first hating himself.

Nothing ever happens in the world that does not happen first inside human hearts.

Resolutions, like the good, die young.

Right is right if nobody is right, and wrong is wrong if everybody is wrong.

Some will not look on suffering because it creates responsibility.

Sometimes the only way the good Lord can get into some hearts is to break them.

The big print giveth and the fine print taketh away.

The danger today is in believing there are no sick people, there is only a sick society.

The escapists who call religion a crutch are like the blind who call those who see visionaries.

The science of a religious man must be scientific; the religion of a scientific man must be religious.

There are two ways of waking up in the morning. One is to say, 'Good morning, God,' and the other is to say, 'Good God, morning!'

Too many people get credit for being good, when they are only being passive.

We become like that which we love. If we love what is base, we become base; but if we love what is noble, we become noble.

What is discovered may be abused, but that does not mean the discovery was evil.

When you are getting kicked from the rear it means you are in front.

When you think of the condition the world is in now you sometimes wish that Noah had missed the boat.

You must remember to love people and use things, rather than to love things and use people.


(Today is also the birthday of Harry S. Truman.)

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