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Cosby out, Weisselberg in, Rummy dead, Trump ranks #41, oldest living man

Published Thursday, July 01, 2021 @ 12:00 AM EDT
Jul 01 2021

Trump Organization and its CFO indicted by Manhattan grand jury, report says. The indictments against the organization and Weisselberg will stay sealed until Thursday afternoon, the report said. The Post also reported, citing sources, that Weisselberg is expected to surrender Thursday morning. Many are expecting Weisselberg to flip on Trump.

Bill Cosby was set free because of a deal he made with a DA who went on to represent Trump in his second impeachment trial.

Dozens of people have died in Canada amid an unprecedented heat wave that has smashed temperature records. Before Sunday, temperatures in Canada had never passed 45°C (113°F). Canada broke its temperature record for a third straight day on Tuesday - 49.6°C (121.3°F) in Lytton, British Columbia.

California wildfire grows to 13,000 acres, threatens marijuana farms.

Unexpected pandemic effects: 'Great Resignation' gains steam as return-to-work plans take effect. 95% of workers are now considering changing jobs, and 92% are even willing to switch industries to find the right position, according to a recent report by jobs site Monster.com. So much for the too much government unemployment benefits theory. Detail via NextDraft. "People are forgetting that restaurant workers have actually experienced decades of abuse and trauma. The pandemic is just the final straw." (Turnover is a way of life; the average job tenure for hourly food service workers is less than two months...)

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has died at the age of 88. Guess you could say Rummy's passed on that great known unknown.


From Crazytown:

Inside gun-surrendering criminal Mark McCloskey's very sad St. Louis rally. "Noted local criminal Mark McCloskey played host to a barbecue/political rally on Sunday afternoon, drawing tens of admirers to the sweltering parking lot of a closed outlet mall in St. Louis County to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the time he pulled a gun on a crowd of people who otherwise would never have noticed or cared he existed. Despite the fact that none of the big names who had been billed to speak at the June 27 event showed up, and despite the fact that ticket sales were so dismal attendance was opened to the public for free at the last minute, St. Louis' most gun-surrendering lawyer plowed right ahead with the First Annual Pink Shirt Guy BBQ and RINO Roast in the St. Louis Mills parking lot. Grievance and untethered delusion topped the menu at the event, with McCloskey and a roster of speakers largely unknown outside the fever swamps of the far right taking turns condemning everything from critical race theory (their newest and most nonsensical bogeyman) to "cultural Marxism" (George Soros' fault of course, but how dare you level accusations of antisemitism) to the "radical left" agenda of (hahahahaha) Joe Biden. The whole gun-and-pony show was in service of McCloskey's deeply stupid run for U.S. Senate, because if there's one thing that qualifies a man for public office in the Republican party in 2021 it's a willingness to point a firearm at those with whom you disagree politically."

Trump debuts at 41st in C-SPAN presidential rankings. This survey marks Trump's first appearance on the list, on which the one-term president placed higher than only three other presidents: Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson and the perpetually last-ranked James Buchanan. Barack Obama moved up to the number 10 spot.

The 2024 GOP Presidential campaigns are already staring. And they're insane (video).


KGB's daily agglomeration of stuff I find interesting:

July is Bank Account Bonus Month, Cell Phone Courtesy Month, Cord Blood Awareness Month, Hitchhiking Month, Horseradish Month, Independent Retailer Month, Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month, Lasagna Awareness Month, Lost Pet Prevention Month, Minority Tourism Month, National Anti-Boredom Month, National Baked Bean Month, National Bison Month, National Blueberry Month, National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness & Prevention Month, National Culinary Arts Month, National Doghouse Repairs Month, National Family Reunion Month, National Hemp Month, National HIV Awareness Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Park and Recreation Month, National Peach Month, National Picnic Month, National Water Gardening Month, Plastic Free July, Sarcoma Awareness Month, Unlucky Month for Weddings, UV Safety Awareness Month, Wild About Wildlife Month, World Watercolor Month, and Worldwide Bereaved Parents Awareness Month.

Among other things, today is

On this date:




It's so dry in California right now that drinking water is literally tasting like dirt.

112-year-old Puerto Rican dubbed world's oldest living man.

Ocala (Florida) Fire Chief whose ex-wife went on naked rampage at Outback, fired for creating uncomfortable work environment.


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