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AC, DNS, Cable, and GAH

Published Monday, July 09, 2018 @ 9:21 AM EDT
Jul 09 2018

Lots of stuff going on here at the Casa De Pelo (House of Fur).

The whole house air conditioner gets replaced tomorrow, just after last week's heat wave. The low temperature this morning was 50°F. Oh well; it will warm up again soon.

Nasty surprise with the new Comcast gateway (modem/wireless router). The device is hard-wired to use Comcast's DNS (Domain Name Service), which was a problem. I use a different DNS ( and Comcast's DNS is slower and somewhat flaky.

The solution was to switch the Gateway into "bridge mode," which turns it into a cable modem. I plugged that into my old router and, voilà, we're back on the air in my preferred configuration.

This weekend I'm heading back to Comcast to see if I can get a plain old cable modem instead of the xFi Gateway. Sure, it has lots of bells and whistles on it, but I don't like the fact I can't control the DNS myself, and it allows Comcast to gather a whole bunch of data on what devices are in use and where those devices are connecting. Plus, I'm sure a plain vanilla modem will cost less to rent each month.

Unrelated note: the Decades TV network will run 42 episodes of The Greatest American Hero this coming weekend, July 14-15. Check your cable provider for details or check here.

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