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Goodbye Rosie

Published Wednesday, May 30, 2018 @ 12:11 PM EDT
May 30 2018

Roseanne's politics on her television show never bothered me that much. What bothered me was the episode where she was using her granddaughter's ability to mimic the electronic beep of the price scanner to shoplift items from the grocery store self check-out.

This sort of lessened her moral authority when having to deal with her older granddaughter shoplifting thrift store clothes to get money to move out of the Connor household and back to Chicago. That was obscured by Roseanne's response to being called a "stupid old hillbilly", namely forcing her granddaughter's head into the sink and spraying her with water.

Whatever. Children need good role models, and the recently resurfaced Roseannes- both the real life and the sitcom versions- left much to be desired.

One upside- calling her out on her "Ambien tweeting" excuse, drugmaker Sanofi tweeted:

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