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Just make it stop

Published Thursday, February 16, 2017 @ 1:02 AM EST
Feb 16 2017

Although I was only eight years old, I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. I remember the worried looks of my teachers; my grandparents watching the evening news with rising concern. And I remember the palpable relief when it was over.

Then there was Watergate. The break-in took place in June, 1972. The Senate hearings started in May of 1973, and from that point on it was like being hooked on a badly-written soap opera starring people you didn't like. Relief didn't come until the following August, when Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment. It didn't really end until September, when President Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon, an act that probably cost him the 1976 election to Jimmy Carter. But by eliminating the possibility of criminal action against the disgraced President, and the media circus that would have surrounded it, Ford's action truly ended "our long national nightmare."

The situation with Trump is worse. You're afraid to turn on the news in the morning in the event he's tweeted us into a nuclear confrontation somewhere. And this whole Michael Flynn business would be funny if it didn't underscore the monumental stupidity of Trump and his minions. You're the National Security Advisor, and you didn't stop to think your intelligence agencies might be monitoring the phones of the Russians you're calling? There are recordings, transcripts. No wonder some agencies are withholding information from Trump. And while our attention is distracted by this flaming gasbag's antics, the Republicans in Congress have gone full-tilt bozo, passing laws defunding vital services, removing restrictions prohibiting the mentally ill from buying firearms, revoking environmental protections... I remember in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis my grandfather turning to my grandmother and soberly announcing, "This shit has to stop."

Indeed. I think it's a foregone conclusion that Trump is going to be benched at some point, either by impeachment or a masterly invocation of the 25th Amendment that Constitutional scholars will debate for decades.

Whatever. Just do it as quickly as you can. Mike Pence is ideologically scarier the Trump, but at least shares the same reality as most of the world.

Seth Meyers sums up yesterday's chaos:

Monday's Predident's Day, so we'll see you next Tuesday.

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