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Published Tuesday, December 27, 2016 @ 11:20 PM EST
Dec 27 2016

The Report will return in its regular format this Sunday, January 1, but here are a few random items and observations that can't wait for the new year.

My friend Peter Stumpf thinks it's possible that so many people died in 2016 because they just didn't want to be here for 2017.

My daughter ran into my mother at a store the day after Christmas. Both were taking advantage of post-holiday sales. Specifically, my mother was purchasing deeply-discounted Christmas cards for next year. My mother will be 91 when next Christmas arrives. Way to go, mom. As someone immersed in your gene pool, I'm rooting for you.

The New York Times' video obituary.

Carrie Fisher's hysterical GMA Interview, in which she reacts to questions about her weight and her dog Gary falls asleep.

One of many appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Pure chain of consciousness absurdism. Take a day off, go to YouTube and indulge yourself.

What I consider to be her best performance: roasting George Lucas at his American Film Institute tribute.

Here's a clip from her HBO special, Wishful Drinking, which is available from various sources. It's worth it. This Star Wars segment expands on her AFI tribute comments.

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