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"You can spin a dreidel with Captain Kirk and Mister Spock!"

Published Saturday, December 24, 2016 @ 12:00 AM EST
Dec 24 2016

Hanukkah begins at sundown.

On a more serious note, given the statements of our President-Elect regarding nuclear weapons, this song is especially relevant.

Though technically a Hanukkah song, the lyrics are alarmingly appropriate:

Light one candle for the strength that we need
To never become our own foe
And light one candle for those who are suffering
Pain we learned so long ago
Light one candle for all we believe in
That anger not tear us apart
And light one candle to find us together
With peace as the song in our hearts

Don't let the light go out!
It's lasted for so many years!
Don't let the light go out!
Let it shine through our hope and our tears.

What is the memory that's valued so highly
That we keep it alive in that flame?
What's the commitment to those who have died
That we cry out they've not died in vain?
We have come this far always believing
That justice would somehow prevail
This is the burden, this is the promise
This is why we will not fail!

Don't let the light go out!

And, of course, it's Christmas Eve...

Riley has visions of sugarplums dancing in his head.

Sassy knows the fat guy with the beard
will give her cookies.

And maybe Santa will, too!

Merry Christmas from Kevin, Cindy,
and all the furry minions

See you next year!



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