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To die

Published Friday, May 06, 2016 @ 10:33 PM EDT
May 06 2016

A complete life may be one ending in so full an identification with the oneself that there is no self left to die.
Bernard Berenson

A first sign of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die.
Franz Kafka

A man doesn't say I will starve myself to death to keep from starving, or that he'd spend all of his money to save money. Why should he be willing to die for the privilege of living?
Dalton Trumbo

All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die.
Bob Dylan

And how much better to die in all the happy period of undisillusioned youth, to go out in a blaze of light, than to have your body worn out and old and illusions shattered.
Ernest Hemingway

And sure, I know if you eat this way you'll die. So? If you don't eat this way you're still going to die. Why not die happy?
Robert Fulghum

Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.
Horace Mann

Better to suffer than to die: that is mankind's motto.
Jean de la Fontaine

Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die.
G.K. Chesterton

Death is not the ultimate tragedy in life. The ultimate tragedy is to die without discovering the possibilities of full growth.
Norman Cousins

Don't tell me to get ready to die. I know not what shall be. The only preparation I can make is by fulfilling my present duties. This is the everlasting life.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everybody has got to die, but I have always believed an exception would be made in my case. Now what?
William Saroyan

Fear prophets and those prepared to die for the truth, for as a rule they make many others die with them, often before them, at times instead of them.
Umberto Eco

Good God! how often are we to die before we go quite off this stage? In every friend we lose a part of ourselves, and the best part.
Alexander Pope

Good health is simply the slowest way to die.
Variously attributed

Government, today, is growing too strong to be safe. There are no longer any citizens in the world; there are only subjects. They work day in and day out for their masters; they are bound to die for their masters at call. Out of this working and dying they tend to get less and less.
H.L. Mencken

Hello. My name is Oedipus. You are my father. Prepare to die.
Nancy Lebovitz

How do you ask a man to be last man to die for a mistake?
John F. Kerry

I do not believe that civilizations have to die because civilization is not an organism. It is a product of wills.
Arnold J. Toynbee

I don't know what more to say. I mean, we're all going to die in a world that is worse than when we entered it.
Daniel Berrigan

I guess I have a kind of war thing in me, but is better to die fighting for yar freedom than to be a prisoner all the days of your life.
Bob Marley

I have a lifetime appointment and I intend to serve it. I expect to die at 110, shot by a jealous husband.
Thurgood Marshall

I hold that it is permissible for each one of us to die for his faith, but not to kill for his faith.
Hermann Hesse

I may not agree with what you say, but I'll fight to the death for your right to die in a fire of suspicious origin.
Variously attributed

I quit flying years ago. I don't want to die with tourists.
Billy Bob Thornton

I think God designed our mouths to die first to help us slowly transition to the grave.
Tina Fey

I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather. Not screaming in terror like his passengers.
Michael Aulfrey

I was lying in bed with my girlfriend and she asked, 'If you could know how and when you were going to die, would you want to know?' I said no. She said 'Forget it, then.'
Steven Wright

I was no longer, if I had ever been, afraid to die: I was now afraid not to die.
Joan Didion

I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring.
Richard P. Feynman

I'm not afraid to die. I just don't want to be there when it happens.
Woody Allen

I'm the one who has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to.

Jimi Hendrix

I've always been prepared to stand up and fight for my beliefs. I'm prepared to die for them. Of course, the risk always is that someone will come along and kill you.
J.P. Donleavy

If being a kid is about learning how to live, then being a grown-up is about learning how to die.
Stephen King

If it's not growing, it's going to die.
Michael Eisner

In any country there must be people who have to die. They are the sacrifices any nation has to make to achieve law and order.
Idi Amin Dada

It has become, in my view, a bit too trendy to regard the acceptance of death as something tantamount to intrinsic dignity. Of course I agree with the preacher of Ecclesiastes that there is a time to love and a time to die- and when my skein runs out I hope to face the end calmly and in my own way. For most situations, however, I prefer the more martial view that death is the ultimate enemy- and I find nothing reproachable in those who rage mightily against the dying of the light.
Stephen Jay Gould

It is better to die for an idea that will live, than to live for an idea that will die.
Steven Biko

It is better to live rich than to die rich.
Samuel Johnson

It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.
Julius Caesar

It is more difficult, and it calls for higher energies of soul, to live a martyr than to die one.
Horace Mann

It is my wish to die of unique causes, perhaps in a high-speed tricycle crash, a bizarre stapling incident, or as a result of inadvertently sucking my brains out through my ear while trying to untwist the vacuum hose.
Paula Poundstone

It's a proven fact that married men live longer than single guys. It's also a proven fact that married men are more willing to die.
Johnny Carson

It's a strange myth that atheists have nothing to live for. It's the opposite. We have nothing to die for. We have everything to live for.
Ricky Gervais

It's better to die laughing than to live each moment in fear.
Michael Crichton

It's easier to die if others around you are dying.
Annie Proulx

It's redundant to die in Los Angeles.
Truman Capote

It's terrible to realize that you don't learn how to live until you're ready to die; and, then it's too late.
Edna Ferber

Learn as if you were to live forever; live as if you were to die tomorrow
John Wooden

Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.
Mark Twain

Man is ready to die for an idea, provided that idea is not quite clear to him.
Paul Eldridge

Married men live longer than single men. But married men are a lot more willing to die.
Johnny Carson

Memory and forgetfulness are as life and death to one another. To live is to remember and to remember is to live. To die is to forget and to forget is to die.
Samuel Butler (Novelist, 1835-1902)

Men are always ready to die for us, but not to make our lives worth having. Cheap sentiment and bad logic.
Louisa May Alcott

Miami Beach is where neon goes to die.
Lenny Bruce

No despot ever flung forth his legions to die in foreign conquest, no privilege-ruled nation ever erupted across its borders, to lock in death embrace with another, but behind them loomed the driving power of a population too large for its boundaries and its natural resources.
Margaret Sanger

No one wants to die. Even people who wanna go to heaven don't wanna die to get there.
Steve Jobs

Old elephants limp off to the hills to die; old Americans go out to the highway and drive themselves to death with huge cars.
Hunter S. Thompson

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.
Pablo Picasso

Only those are fit to live who are not afraid to die.
Douglas MacArthur

People are always dying in the Times who don't seem to die in other papers, and they die at greater length and maybe even with a little more grace.
James Reston

Pioneering basically amounts to finding new and more horrible ways to die.
John W. Campbell

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.
Steve Jobs

Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.
Carrie Fisher

Since we're all going to die, it's obvious that when and how don't matter.
Albert Camus

Sooner or later I'm going to die, but I'm not going to retire.
Margaret Mead

Tell me how you want to die, and I'll tell you who you are.
Emile Cioran

The crimes of violence committed for selfish, personal motives are historically insignificant compared to those committed ad majorem gloriam Dei, out of a self-sacrificing devotion to a flag, a leader, a religious faith or a political conviction. Man has always been prepared not only to kill but also to die for good, bad or completely futile causes. And what can be a more valid proof of the reality of the self-transcending urge than this readiness to die for an ideal?
Arthur Koestler

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.
Mark Twain

The French have a phrase for it. The bastards have a phrase for everything and they are always right. To say goodbye is to die a little.
Raymond Chandler

The idea is to die young as late as possible.
Ashley Montagu

The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.
J.D. Salinger

The obligation to die must carry with it the right to live. If every citizen owes it to society that he must fight for it in case of need, then society owes to every citizen the opportunity of a livelihood. 'Unemployment,' in the case of the willing and able becomes henceforth a social crime. Every democratic Government must henceforth take as the starting point of its industrial policy, that there shall be no such thing as able bodied men and women 'out of work,' looking for occupation and unable to find it.
Stephen Leacock

The Senate seems like the place where smart people go to die.
Jon Stewart

There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.
Salvador Dali

They don't want to live; they want you to die. (re: terrorists)
Ayn Rand

They wrote in the old days that it is sweet and fitting to die for one's country. But in modern war there is nothing sweet nor fitting in your dying. You will die like a dog for no good reason.
Ernest Hemingway

Those who deserve to die, die the death they deserve.
Ian Fleming

Those who lived by the sword were forced to die by it.
T.H. White

To achieve great things we must live as though we were never going to die.
Marquis de Vauvenargues

To die and part is a less evil; but to part and live, there, there is the torment.
George Lansdowne

To die for a religion is easier than to live it absolutely.
Jorge Luis Borges

To die will be an awfully big adventure.
J.M. Barrie

To die with a witticism on one's lips, that is a proud victory, that is paganism's triumph; and it is also the ultimate in human relationships.
Søren Kierkegaard

To retire is to begin to die.
Pablo Casals

We all, in the end, have the freedom to die in a ditch. It's the only inalienable right we have.
Brian J. Goggin

We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it.
Che Guevara

We're all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn't. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities; we are eaten up by nothing.
Charles Bukowski

When it comes time to die, make sure that all you have to do is die.
Jim Elliot

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.
Eleanor Roosevelt

While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.
Leonardo da Vinci

You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live. Now.
Joan Baez

You have to die a few times before you can really live.
Charles Bukowski

You should never be in the company of anyone with whom you would not want to die.
Frank Herbert

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