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Frozen out

Published Friday, February 05, 2016 @ 5:11 PM EST
Feb 05 2016

Windows 10 continues to be a source of ongoing adventure.

Every few days, my machine randomly freezes solid. The mouse cursor is unresponsive and even control alt delete isn't recognized. The only thing to do is hit the power switch and hope the open applications refreshed any recently open files.

As usual, MIcrosoft has no specific solution for this problem. Searches suggested it had something to do with Windoes' active-state power management feature: in power options, PCI Express, set both options to off. We will see. The freezes don't happen daily, If I make it to next Friday, I'll consider it fixed.

Unless you have an urgent need to go to Windows 10, I'd suggest waiting. Word is there will be another build released before the free ugrade offer expires on July 29.

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