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Quotes of the day: John Malkovich

Published Tuesday, December 08, 2015 @ 9:20 PM EST
Dec 08 2015

John Gavin Malkovich (b. December 9, 1953) is an American actor and director. He has appeared in more than 70 motion pictures. For his roles in Places in the Heart and In the Line of Fire, he received Academy Award nominations. He has also appeared in Empire of the Sun, The Killing Fields, Con Air, Of Mice and Men, Being John Malkovich, Burn After Reading, RED, and Warm Bodies. (Click here for full Wikipedia article)


A dog that has rabies probably will do things it wouldn't do if it didn't have rabies. But that doesn't change the fact that it has rabies.

Even if you do succeed most people wouldn't notice anyway.

Failure's a natural part of life.

Fashion is chaotic, and it can be an aggravation, too, but it is at its best when it allows you to express yourself.

I can have incredible self-discipline. But see, I think it's obviously a form of stupidity.

I don't care what other people think. I don't think it matters.

I mean, anything that money can be made off will never be a problem to make, no matter what it is.

I think when I went to psychoanalysis, I actually believed that people said what they meant. This was my whole problem.

I wouldn't describe myself as lacking in confidence, but I would just say that- the ghosts you chase you never catch.

If you're too smart it can limit you because you spend so much time thinking that you don't do anything.

Nothing you do particularly matters. But I'm not sure that's a great excuse for doing it poorly.

People always say life is short. I've never been convinced of that - mine seems to have a tendency to go on and on.

Scary monsters are like Hula Hoops. They come in and out of fashion.

Utopia means elsewhere.

You can be a mason and build 50 buildings, but it doesn't mean you can design one.


(December 9 is also the birthday of John Milton, Grace Hopper, Kirk Douglas, and Dalton Trumbo.)

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