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Published Thursday, October 10, 2013 @ 6:50 AM EDT
Oct 10 2013

My mom, Evelyn A. Barkes, in the
language lab at West Mifflin North
High School (circa 1965)

Born today: Henry Cavendish, Giuseppe Verdi, Helen Hayes, Thelonious Monk, James Clavell, Ed Wood, Richard Jaeckel, Dana Elcar, Harold Pinter, Peter Coyote, Ben Vereen, Nora Roberts, David Lee Roth, Tanya Tucker, Kirsty MacColl, Julia Sweeney, Bradley Whitford, Michael Giacchino, Brett Favre, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Andrew McCutchen...

...and my mother, who was born on a Sunday 31,777 days ago.

The liquid fuel rocket was invented that year. Oral contraceptives, Teflon, and the solar cell were introduced the year I was born. My son and ink-jet printing, and my daughter and magnetic resonance imaging debuted around the same time. Camera phones and my oldest graddaughter arrived almost simultaneously; and we'll have to wait until the end of this year to see what invention will share the spotlight with my youngest granddaughter.

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Quotes of the day: 2013 Pulitzer Prize edition »