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It's official

Published Tuesday, August 27, 2013 @ 4:37 AM EDT
Aug 27 2013

Joelle Cherie Barkes joined the family on May 9, but the final adoption legalities weren't completed until yesterday. Now the embargo has been lifted, and the torrent of new grandbaby pictures can begin...

My son, Douglas; my daughter-in-law, Angela; and Joelle Cherie, the first baby in the family with the Barkes surname since my daughter Sara's arrival in 1977. Taken shortly after yesterday's final adoption proceedings.

Joelle realizes how easily she will be able to wrap her grandfather around her little finger, and is delighted.

Leanna, the Senior Granddaughter, shows the kid the ropes.

From her first photo shoot. The kid's got it.

My international friends may ask, why is it Joelle Cherie and not Joëlle Chérie? Her parents insist it's just an Anglicized spelling. I maintain you can't Anglicize two definitively French names. Without the accents, it's Joel Sherry, which sounds like a cheap cooking wine or a third-rate cable access sportscaster.

It's a battle I'll save for another day. Once she learns how to write her name, and she says, "Grandpap, look, I can write my name," the old man with the greying beard will say, "Sweetie, your name sounds so beautiful... would you like to make it look as beautiful as it sounds?"

Ah, subversion. The sweetest perquisite of grandparenthood...

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