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Published Thursday, August 11, 2011 @ 12:37 AM EDT
Aug 11 2011

Recently enshrined in The KGB Quotations Database:

I'm not afraid of dying. I'm prepared for death because I don't believe in it. I think it's just getting out of one car and getting into another.
-John Lennon

Ah, the gap between expectation and achievement is filled with the screams of good men, still falling.
-Reginald Hill

I may be just an empty flesh terminal relying on technology for all my ideas, memories and relationships, but I am confident that all of that, everything that makes me a unique human being, is still out there, somewhere, safe in the theoretical storage space owned by giant multi-national corporations.
-Stephen Colbert

Even a fool could see that one didn't need a war, nuclear or otherwise, to destroy oneself; the rising cost of weaponry could do that quite nicely.
-Stanislaw Lem

If man had more of a sense of humor, things might have turned out differently.
-Stanislaw Lem


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