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The Doomsday Polka

Published Friday, May 20, 2011 @ 8:21 AM EDT
May 20 2011

ABC World News Now regular Barry Mitchell with a special version of the classic World News Polka.

What's the twenty-first of May?
Mankind's final Saturday!
That's the Doomsday Polka
If you're planning weekend trips
Make one the Apocalypse
That's the Doomsday Polka

There're lots of things we must get ready
In our final haste
Just don't buy any green bananas
They'll just go to waste

Looks like this is it, my friend
Welcome to the Bitter End
And the Doomsday Polka!

Some head to their house of worship
Others go to bars;
But Judgment Day comes every week
On Dancing With The Stars

One thing's doomed, and that's real plain
Donald Trump's White House campaign
That's the Doomsday Polka

We're all sinners, we're depraved
And that's why we must pay;
But Charlie Sheen is still around,
So I'd say we're okay.

The Mayan calendar I fear
Says the end will come next year
That's the World End Polka

Ah, see you Monday.



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