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Not quite mastering one's domain

Published Friday, May 13, 2011 @ 3:43 AM EDT
May 13 2011

When your campaign folk register the domain name for your spiffy website, it's best not to be pennywise but pound foolish.

Republican New York congressional candidate Jane Corwin registered the domain www.janecorwin.com, which contains typical political fund-raising, Democrat-bashing hoohah.

She didn't register www.janecorwin.org.

Go ahead. Click on it. I'll wait.

"Protecting the Status Quo & Taking Your Tax Dollars," indeed.

The phony site is actually an offshoot of www.buffalobeast.com. Not for the easily offended.

Still, one of the best parody sites I've seen.

(Hat tip to Steven Otte.)

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