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Listen to Jim. Trust me on this.

Published Friday, October 08, 2010 @ 7:15 AM EDT
Oct 08 2010

The Illuminati amongst us (that would be my fellow computer people) know that Sunday will be a binary date day. Last Friday was also a binary date day. Binary dates are those composed exclusively of zeros and ones (ala 10/01/10, or 01/01/01). Binary dates tend to appear exclusively in the early parts of centuries. I was too young to appreciate the last century. I expect to be too old to appreciate the next century. So I'm doing my best to appreciate this century. This is why I noticed that Sunday, 10/10/10, is quite a significant binary date. To explain why will require at least two more paragraphs.

The Literati amongst us (that would be my fellow fans of the works of Douglas Adams), know that the original Earth was destroyed quite suddenly to make room for a pan-galactic bypass, and that only the dolphins (who weren't what they appeared to be), the mice (who really weren't here), and a few humans survived. The Earth we currently live on is a replacement, created as compensation, because the demolition contractors that destroyed the original Earth got the address wrong. We also know that the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is (ready? drum roll....): 42. That's right; 42. A lesson in getting your questions to be, perhaps, more specific.

The reason for my concern is that Sundays binary date, 10/10/10, when converted to decimal is (ready? drum roll...): 42. That's right; 42. Coincidence you might say. Arbitrary you might say. Did you know that astronomers and physicists have recently re-computed the Hubble Constant (a value that helps explain The Universe), and have concluded that the best approximation available for this value is (ready? drum roll...): 42. That's right; 42. Another coincidence? I think not.

Now I'm not suggesting that the Earth will be destroyed this Sunday by some directionally challenged demolition contractor. Nor am I suggesting that the whole concept of coincidences is a palliative invention of the human psyche. But, just in case (after all, I was a Boy Scout ), I'll be keeping a towel (and a hip flask) handy all day. You've been warned. Good luck!

Peace, Love, and Precision Guidance,


(Jim Sorrells is a Sr. Consultant, Principal, and Co-Founder of JSA Computer Systems Inc. located in beautiful Arneytown NJ. His research interests are Forensic Analysis of Large Scale Organizational Failures, Aesthetic Arrangement of Cellulose Based Structural Materials, and Qualitative Evaluations of Grain and Other Exotic Organic Distillates. He holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University.)

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