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The Four Ws? (Updated II)

Published Sunday, June 13, 2010 @ 6:56 AM EDT
Jun 13 2010

As of 7 am this morning:

The Tribune-Review has an updated story identifying the two most seriously injured persons. The piece focuses on traffic control reviews planned for the constuction area.

The Post-Gazette has a full feature also identifying the two most seriously injured persons. The PG notes "Five others were injured, but police did not release their names or conditions."

WTAE-TV's website has a story from 7:42 pm Saturday evening that identifies the bride- and groom-to-be, but doesn't name the injured.

KDKA-TV's story hasn't been updated since 2 pm yesterday. It identifies one of the seven injured by name, based on an earlier update during the day by the P-G.

WPXI-TV's story was updated at 12:55 am this morning. It also doesn't name the injured.

KQV Radio's "local" lead story is about a Philadelphia catholic school closing. No reference to the accident at all.

Amazingly, none of the media outlets identifies the driver of the pickup truck responsible for the carnage. During my newspaper days, I'm certain I would have been inundated by calls accusing me of shielding the driver because of political or other influential connections.

I suspect nothing as insidious here. The police didn't release the driver's name, and none of the reporters apparently feel it's important enough to expend the energy necessary to obtain this critical piece of the story.

I'm through ranting. I followed this item when the news initially broke because the parties were from South Park, so there was a chance I may have known them. I was frustrated by the lack of detail in early reports about the accident and decided to track the story until all the important elements were finally published. More than two days have elapsed, and it appears we won't find out who the driver of the pick-up is until his name is released by police to the local media/stenographic pool.

As someone once said, "The word media is plural for mediocre."

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