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You can't stop the Robot Skeleton Army

Published Saturday, May 22, 2010 @ 10:30 AM EDT
May 22 2010

Those of us who are fans of Craig Ferguson and The Late Late Show had a rude shock this past Thursday.

Malinky Stoatir of New York has uploaded the previous evening's episode of the show to YouTube early every morning for the past year and a half, allowing those of us who can't watch it at 12:37 am to catch it over our morning coffee.

Yes, I DVR the show, but the DVR's downstairs and I'm up here in my office, and often I don't have the time to watch it. So, like thousands of other members of the Robot Skeleton Army, I depended on Malinky for my daily fix of Ferguson's stream-of-consciousness deconstructionism.

But on Thursday, clicking on the browser link brought up a notice that Malinky's account had been suspended by YouTube. No explanation- it was just gone.

It's unlikely CBS, The Late Late Show, or its production company ordered YouTube to pull the plug. All three were aware of her efforts. While technically a copyright violation, the network and all concerned appreciated the exposure. CBS posts clips a day or so after a show's broadcast, but full episodes appear a week behind their original air dates. Plus, it was the only timely way for Ferguson's international fans to see the program, which isn't aired overseas.

Undeterred, Malinky started a new YouTube channel, TV's Craig Ferguson, and is slowly restocking the shelves with videos containing the proper amount of suction. You go, girl.


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