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Published Monday, July 04, 2016 @ 9:00 AM EDT
Jul 04 2016

Facebook used to serve me ads about new tech journals and computer programming courses. Now all I've been seeing are ways to slow dementia, and promos for assisted living facilities. Reminds me of when I turned 55 and NBC stopped emailing me weekly tv surveys because of "shifting demographic trends" in their sampling.

Guess I should should just go outside, chase those pesky kids off the lawn, and shake my fist at the sky.


America is about taking risks- and making mistakes and doing the right thing... eventually. I'm old enough now to look back and realize the United States is capable of acts of both stunning inspiration and jaw-dropping stupidity, often simultaneously.

But the one thing about America and being an American is knowing that, like a huge pendulum, eventually things swing back from the extreme. Not without effort and debate and cost and lost lives. But sooner or later, things always do get better. And then we'll swing to the other extreme and repeat the process.

Norman Mailer once said the true religion of America has always been America. He's right. I believe in America. And there are enough believers to insure that despite its disturbing oscillations, we'll always find our way.



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