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And now, for some entertaining insanity

Published Wednesday, June 06, 2018 @ 3:40 PM EDT
Jun 06 2018

When the news becomes really grinding and intolerable, I jump over to YouTube to decompress. Here's a wonderful compilation of Steven Wtight's appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Wright said of his appearances, "we were like a bizarre comedy team after going on there for so many years. To me it was like two guys that were in an insane asylum, and we were in a waiting room. The audience didn’t see it like this but when I think back on it, the conversation was so crazy. It was like we were both insane and we were in a waiting room, waiting for our doctors to come in. 'The doctor will see you now. Mr. Wright, the doctor will see you now.' This was the conversation in the waiting room, two insane people. That's how I saw it."

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