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A few more questions

Published Tuesday, May 01, 2018 @ 9:58 AM EDT
May 01 2018

While Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III has nearly 50 questions he wants to ask President Trump, there are a few more things I'd like to know:

How much time do you spend each day attending to that orange, quasi-living thing on your head? You're aware you're not fooling anyone, right? Isn't it really the caterpillar stage of a flannel moth?

Did you appoint Scott Pruitt to head the EPA to prevent the government from banning the sale of Tan in a Can? And that you hoarded a warehouse full of industrial strength aerosol lacquer for your hair?

Are you aware that photographic negatives of you look just like a rabid raccoon?

Are you still paying people to wander around Hawaii looking for Obama's birth certificate?

Why is your name in pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's little black book?

Is it fair for taxpayers to pay for security for a billionaire who doesn't pay taxes?

If your IQ is so high, why do you tweet Special Council instead of Special Counsel? And we won't mention 'bigly' or 'covfefe'.

So everyone can have the same opportunity as you, how about giving $10 million to every college grad, like your father did?

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