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Peanuts, eagles, alligators, Kate McKinnon, Popeye's rice and beans with flesh eating New World Screwworms

Published Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 12:58 AM EST
Feb 13 2017

Today is Monday, February 13, the 44th day of 2017 in the Gregorian calendar, with 321 days remaining.

There is:
1 day until Valentine's Day;
7 days until Presidents' Day;
15 days until Mardi Gras;
16 days until Ash Wednesday;
27 days until Daylight Saving Time begins;
32 days until St. Patrick's Day;
35 days until the arrival of Spring;
55 days until Palm Sunday;
56 days until First Day of Passover;
51 days until April Fools' Day;
60 days until Good Friday;
61 days until Easter Sunday;
63 days until US Federal Income Tax filing day;
64 days until Last Day of Passover;
68 days until Earth Day;
73 days until Arbor Day;
630 days until the 2018 mid-term elections; and
1,437 days until the end of Donald Trump's term as President, assuming he isn't impeached.


On this date in 2000, Charles Schulz's final "Peanuts" comic strip ran in Sunday newspapers, the day after the cartoonist died at age 77.


Among other things, today is also Clean Out Your Computer Day. Yeah. just the project you want to tackle on a Monday morning.


Florida man saves bald eagle from jaws of alligator.


The KGB Quotations Database contains 51,815 quotations.

Some persons born on February 13 who said interesting things:


Quote of the day:

"Ecstasy cannot be constant, or it would kill."
-Eleanor Farjeon


Saturday Night Live had Melissa McCarthy as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump, but the show was stolen, as it often is, by the remarkable Kate McKinnon. She offered spot-on impersonations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Senator Elizabeth Warren, but blew the doors off the place with her Kellyanne Conway in a superb parody of Fatal Attraction, with Conway going unhinged when she's shunned by newsman Jake Tapper. The segment drew criticism for its portrayal of Conway as a crazed, sex-starved woman driven insane by rejection. But Trump's administration offends daily, and more outrageously. And unlike the President's cobbled together executive orders, the sketch- shot on film, not video, and expertly lit and blocked- was the result of a lot of work.

Here's the scene from Fatal Attraction as well as the SNL bit. Rather rough language in the first. For the second, put down your coffee cap or you'll be spraying your monitor all morning.


Verizon is launching an 'unlimited' data plan for the first time in more than 5 years. Verizon's plan is more expensive than T-Mobile's, less expensive than AT&T's, and if your read the small print you'll understand why they're calling it 'unlimited' instead of unlimited.


Hackers have discovered a way to install emulation software on the NES Classic Edition that allows it to play Sega Genesis, Game Boy, and Super Nintendo games. The last video game I played was on an Atari 2600 in the '80s.


The FDA has approved the drug deflazacort for use in the United States. An old European steroid treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the 15,000 American who suffer from the disase can import it from abroad for about $1,200 a month, or $14,400/year. The list price here in the US? $89,000/year; After rebates and discounts, the net price will be $54,000/year.


A woman in San Antonio, Texas is suing the Popeye's restaurant chain, claiming they served her flesh eating New World Screwworms in her rice and beans. The story has a link to the full lawsuit.


We may not publish tomorrow. I'm knee-deep in the hoopla of delivering a new automated publishing system, and something always come up..


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(Unless otherwise noted, all citations are from Wikipedia.)

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