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NASA says Earth has new second "mini-moon", is looking at warp drive, and a Florida Man/Trump campaign crossover mashup!

Published Monday, September 26, 2016 @ 12:49 AM EDT
Sep 26 2016

NASA found a second tiny moon- a recaptured asteroid that's been orbiting Earth for about a hundred years. The quasi-satellite is only 120 feet by 300 feet, which is why it took a while for someone to stumble across it. Those romantics at NASA have given it the heavenly appellation 2016 H03.


Yet another one of those seemingly endless stories about NASA developing a Star Trek warp drive, but with two approaches and a neat video.


A Florida man, a retired police officer and chair of Donald Trump's Florida law enforcement coalition, will no longer fly vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence to rallies across the US. He is accused of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. If he has a Samsung phone, the deadly weapon probably is the battery.


Among other things, today is the second Johnny Appleseed Day this year.


Persons born on September 26 who've said notable things include Jane Smiley; George Gershwin; T.S. Eliot; and Max Ehrmann, author of the prose poem Desiderata, which inspired the 1992 National Lampoon parody, Deteriorata.


Perky whippersnapper Jane Pauley, 65, will succeed Charles Osgood, 83, who retired after 22 years as the anchor of CBS' Sunday Morning yesterday. Pauley joined CBS two years ago and has contributed stories to the Sunday show as well as served as a substitute for Osgood and for Scott Pelley on the CBS Evening News. Pauley's big break occurred 40 years ago when, at age 25, she succeeded Barbara Walters on the Today Show. The full story, from The New York Times. The show's web page has clips from the show and a lot of unaired extras.


The largest recorded earthquake in East Texas was triggered by the high-volume injections of wastewater from oil and gas activities deep underground...


Daily Trump Dump:

"Prickly City" by Scott Stantis

The Trump boys: 'The douche doesn't fall far from the bag.'-John Fugelsang.

The Toronto Star continues its daily count of Trump lies. Only seven on Saturday... he's obviously keeping his powder dry for the debate.

The New York Times gets into the act, at last, with a fairly comprehensive collection of 31 whoppers issued from September 15 through 21...

...and demonstrates that its Editorial Board has a firm grasp of the obvious by warning Why Donald Trump Should Not Be President.

NBC News presents the 20 major issues Trump addressed, and the 117 flip-flops he's made on them; about a half-dozen per issue. Time to send the ol' Magic Eight ball in for repairs.

You can't watch the presidential debate at home with out a set of bingo cards!

But seriously, folks...
One of the problems with this Presidential election is the distraction and noise from the ongoing, rolling train wreck provides enough cover for the Republicans to continue to their efforts do destroy the safety net that's aready lost a lot of its bounce. Slate shows how the GOP wants to deal with record demands on the Social Security Administration's workforce: by reducing its budget by $1.2 billion.

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