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Quotes of the day: Malcolm de Chazal

Published Monday, September 12, 2016 @ 1:36 PM EDT
Sep 12 2016

Malcolm de Chazal (September 12, 1902 – October 1, 1981) was a Mauritian writer, painter, and visionary, known especially for his Sens-Plastique, a work consisting of several thousand aphorisms and pensées. (Click here for full Wikipedia article)


A mirror has no heart but plenty of ideas.

A women knows how to keep quiet when she is in the right, whereas a man, when he is in the right, will keep on talking.

Animals awaken, first facially, then bodily. Men's bodies wake before their faces do. The animal sleeps within its body, man sleeps with his body in his mind.

Art is nature speeded up and God slowed down.

I am the owner of my shoulders, the tenant of my hips.

Laughter is regional: a smile extends over the whole face.

Laughter, while it lasts, slackens and unbraces the mind, weakens the faculties and causes a kind of remissness and dissolution in all the powers of the soul; and thus it may be looked on as weakness in the composition of human nature. But if we consider the frequent relieves we receive from it and how often it breaks the gloom which is apt to depress the mind and damp our spirits, with transient, unexpected gleams of joy, one would take care not to grow too wise for so great a pleasure of life.

Monkeys are superior to men in this: when a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey.

Our expression and our words never coincide, which is why the animals don't understand us.

Silence is a lawyer who pleads with his eyes.

The cat purrs itself to sleep, being the only creature that sings its own lullaby.

The ears are the last feature to age.

The family is a court of justice which never shuts down for night or day.

The flower has no weekday self, dressed as it always is in Sunday clothes.

The flower in the vase smiles, but no longer laughs.

The idealist walks on tiptoe, the materialist on his heels.

The man who can make others laugh secures more votes for a measure than the man who forces them to think.

The mind gets distracted in all sorts of ways. The heart is its own exclusive concern and diversion.

The ring always believes that the finger lives for it.

The sun is pure communism everywhere but in cities, where it's private property.

We always keep God waiting while we admit more importunate suitors.

We sometimes laugh from ear to ear, but it would be impossible for a smile to be wider than the distance between our eyes.

Women eat while they are talking; men talk while they are eating.

Women make us poets, children make us philosophers.

The beautiful remains so in ugly surroundings.

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