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Worst case scenarios

Published Thursday, July 28, 2016 @ 6:26 AM EDT
Jul 28 2016

"With Hillary Clinton, worst case scenario, you have a bad President for four years, right? And America's had bad presidents before, you'll get through it. But America, you have never had a Donald Trump before. A man, who claiming to be the leader of law and order and make America safe candidate, that man who invites foreign hackers to steal files that he himself said contain American national security data? Yhat man? That's a leader you've never had. A man who publically admires and now very possibly colludes with Vladimir Putin? A man who's lovingly endorsed by Kim Jong-un? A man who praises and doubles down on praising Saddam Hussein? These are his role models. And these people, what you have to understand is, once they're in power, they don't go away. You don't get a chance to vote them out in four years. Their rule ends when the country ends. So to all the people out there, considering voting for Trump, I hope you enjoy your vote. Because on days like this you realize, this could be the very last vote you will ever get."

Categories: Daily Show, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Trevor Noah

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