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A blast from the past

Published Saturday, January 09, 2016 @ 9:52 PM EST
Jan 09 2016

In the dark ages before the internet, it was necessary to disseminate information by printing ink on paper. Today we get our information instantly and electronically, but, truth be told, I prefer print. It has substance. It's tangible. Unless physically destroyed, it's permanent... unlike websites and PDF files, whose content can be changed at any time without the readers' knowledge.

Back in my consulting business days, Kgb Report was an irregularly published newsletter. Irregular because consulting was my primary business, and I put out a newsletter primarily to impress potential clients or to have a handout at training classes.

This specific issue was my favorite. It took me a week to write and typeset, it cost about $500 to print and $250 to mail. It generated a number of clients and also a lot of compliments for the density of information it contained, including an in-depth report on VMS disk defragmentation, which was a big issue at the time.

There's some PC stuff in there as well, so even if you're unfamiliar with VMS and VAXen, it's an interesting take on what the state of the art was 25 years ago, when the world was a simpler place and we didn't have to get our information by sitting in front of a screen and clicking incessantly.

June 1990 KGB Report (PDF format)

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