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Quotes of the day: Enrico Fermi

Published Monday, September 28, 2015 @ 3:15 PM EDT
Sep 28 2015

Enrico Fermi (September 29, 1901 – November 28, 1954) was an Italian physicist, who is credited with the creation of the first nuclear reactor, the Chicago Pile-1. He made significant contributions to the development of quantum theory, nuclear and particle physics, and statistical mechanics. He is one of the men referred to as the "father of the atomic bomb". Fermi held several patents related to the use of nuclear power, and was awarded the 1938 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on induced radioactivity by neutron bombardment and the discovery of transuranic elements. He was widely regarded as one of the very few physicists to excel both theoretically and experimentally. (Click here for full Wikipedia article)


A miracle is anything with a probability of less than 20%.

Before I came here, I was confused about this subject. Having listened to your lecture, I am still confused- but on a higher level.

Crime is the anti-social form of the struggle for existence.

If I could remember the names of all these particles, I'd be a botanist.

Ignorance is never better than knowledge.

It is clear that the use of such a weapon cannot be justified on any ethical ground which gives a human being a certain individuality and dignity even if he happens to be a resident of an enemy country.

It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward.

Never underestimate the joy people derive from hearing something they already know.

Once basic knowledge is acquired, any attempt at preventing its fruition would be as futile as hoping to stop the earth from revolving around the sun.

Such a weapon goes far beyond any military objective and enters the range of very great natural catastrophes. By its very nature it cannot be confined to a military objective but becomes a weapon which in practical effect is almost one of genocide.

There are two possible outcomes: if the result confirms the hypothesis, then you've made a measurement. If the result is contrary to the hypothesis, then you've made a discovery.

Whatever Nature has in store for mankind, unpleasant as it may be, men must accept, for ignorance is never better than knowledge.


(September 29 is also the birthday of Miguel de Cervantes.)

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