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Quotes of the day: Marge Piercy

Published Monday, March 30, 2015 @ 7:02 PM EDT
Mar 30 2015

Marge Piercy (b. March 31, 1936) is an American poet, novelist, and social activist. She is the author of Gone to Soldiers, a New York Times Best Seller and a sweeping historical novel set during World War II. (Click here for full Wikipedia article)


A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done.

Burning dinner is not incompetence but war.

Doorways are sacred to women for we are the doorways of life and we must choose what comes in and what goes out.

Economy is the bone, politics is the flesh,
watch who they beat and who they eat.

I said, I like my life. If I have to give it back, if they take it from me, let me only not feel I wasted any, let me not feel I forgot to love anyone I meant to love, that I forgot to give what I held in my hands, that I forgot to do some little piece of the work that wanted to come through.

If what we change does not change us, we are playing with blocks.

It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover.

If you want to be listened to, you should put in time listening.

Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third.

Love as if you liked yourself, and it may happen.

My idea of Hell is to be young again.

My strength and my weakness are twins in the same womb.

Never doubt that you can change history. You already have.

Remember that every son had a mother whose beloved son he was, and every woman had a mother whose beloved son she wasn't.

Shared laughter is erotic too.

Sleeping together is a euphemism for people, but tantamount to marriage with cats.

The powerful don't make revolutions.

The will to be totally rational is the will to be made out of glass and steel: and to use others as if they were glass and steel.

This life is a war we are not yet winning for our daughters' children. Don't do your enemies' work for them. Finish your own.

We are trying to live as if we were an experiment conducted by the future.

We don't want the melting pot where everybody ends up with thin gruel. We want diversity, for strangeness breeds richness.

What a richly colored strong warm coat is woven when love is the warp and work is the woof.


(March 31 is also the birthday of Barney Frank.)

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