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Quotes of the day: Jerry Rubin

Published Sunday, July 13, 2014 @ 10:13 PM EDT
Jul 13 2014

Jerry Rubin (July 14, 1938 – November 28, 1994) was an American social activist, anti-war leader, and counterculture icon during the 1960s and 1970s. During the 1980s, he became a successful businessman.

On November 14, 1994, Rubin jaywalked on Wilshire Boulevard, in front of his penthouse apartment in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, California. It was a Monday evening and weekday traffic was heavy, with three lanes moving in each direction. A car swerved to miss Rubin but a second car, immediately behind the first, was unable to avoid him. He was taken to the UCLA Medical Center, where he died of a heart attack two weeks later. (Click here for full Wikipedia article)


A life without surrender is a life without commitment.

Don't trust anyone over thirty.

Every person on the streets of New York is a type. The city is one big theater where everyone is on display.

I am a child of America. If ever I'm sent to Death Row for my revolutionary 'crimes,' I'll order as my last meal: a hamburger, french fries, and a coke.

I didn't get my ideas from Mao, Lenin, or Ho. I got my ideas from the Lone Ranger.

I'm famous. That's my job.

Most men act so tough and strong on the outside because on the inside, we are scared, weak, and fragile. Men, not women, are the weaker sex.

Nothing is more American than revolution.

Our message: Don't grow up. Growing up means giving up your dreams.

Politics is how you live your life, not whom you vote for.

Smoking pot makes you a criminal and a revolutionary. As soon as you take you first puff, you are an enemy of society.

Some of the greatest social reformers of our time were wealthy.

The back seat produced the sexual revolution.

The individual who signs the check has the ultimate power.

The power to define the situation is the ultimate power.

The problem with fame is that you get frozen in one frame and nothing you can do can alter the nature.

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