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Published Tuesday, February 07, 2012 @ 6:16 AM EST
Feb 07 2012

Sinclair Lewis (February 7, 1885 - January 10, 1951)

Advertising is a valuable economic factor because it is the cheapest way of selling goods, especially if the goods are worthless.

Every man is a king so long as he has someone to look down on.

He had, in fact, got everything from the church and Sunday School, except, perhaps, any longing whatever for decency and kindness and reason.

He still had a fragment of his boyhood belief that congressmen were persons of intelligence and importance.

He was born to be a senator. He never said anything important, and he always said it sonorously.

He was permitted, without restriction, to speak of himself as immoral, agnostic and socialistic, so long as it was universally known that he remained pure, Presbyterian, and Republican.

His entire system of theology was comprised in the Bible, which he never read, and the Methodist Church, which he rarely attended.

I have faith in Faith, I have reverence for all true Reverence.

I must say I'm not very fond of oratory that's so full of energy it hasn't any room for facts.

It came to him merely to run away was folly, because he could never run away from himself.

Now we got a lawyer, we got civilization, which I understand to mean that a man has a chance to get rich without working.

People will buy anything that is one to a customer.

She did her work with the thoroughness of mind which reveres details and never quite understands them.

The Maker of the universe with stars a hundred thousand light-years apart was interested, furious, and very personal about it if a small boy played baseball on Sunday afternoon.

The trouble with this country is that there are too many people going about saying, “The trouble with this country is-”

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