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Published Friday, September 17, 2010 @ 7:33 AM EDT
Sep 17 2010

A big thank you to veteran KGB Report reader and contributor Rafal Sulejman for the enhancements to the KGB Quotation Database Search feature. I picked up the original code a number of years ago from a free script repository, and never got around to properly updating it when we switched software from Blogger to Thingamablog. Fortunately, Rafal is an expert in perl, cascading style sheets and other html matters, took pity on the badly kludged version I put up last week, and passed along a far superior cgi file.

It's still just a basic string search with no boolean operations or fancy features like soundex, but, unlike my previous script, this one actually works.

Heading back to Pittsburgh, where today's forecasted high temperature is 10 degrees lower than Tampa's low this morning. Woohoo! Casa de Fuzzy awaits...

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