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The move is complete..

Published Sunday, June 06, 2010 @ 5:06 PM EDT
Jun 06 2010

In that the beds are assembled, the refrigerator and microwave are working, and cable tv is on. It took 16 hours of intermittent wrangling to get Comcast's Arris modem and the Netgear router to talk to each other, but wireless Internet is now also up.

The move itself was horrendous. Aside from the subtropical rainforest weather conditions, the crew the moving company sent was comprised mainly of guys in their 20s Who Can Lift Heavy Things. They also could ram them into walls, get them stuck in doorways, and were incapable of following instructions. It was sort of like watching a National Geographic special on ants trying to get a large object into their nest, except the ants could eventually figure it out without intervention.

I'm really upset. Various family members and I have used this company without incident for the past 20 years. We used them just 20 months ago and the move was quick and painless.

Tomorrow's phone call is going to be interesting. I hate to name names, especially given such a long, successful relationship, but if they try to dodge the bullet, the hammer's coming down. Two clichéd metaphors in one sentence. You know I'm pissed.

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