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Father's Day

Published Sunday, June 20, 2010 @ 12:34 AM EDT
Jun 20 2010

Four years ago on Father's Day I did something I always wanted to do- accompany my daughter Sara as she sang. During my exile in Chicago from 2000-2005, a friend of mine sent me a guitar to help me pass the time, especially during those endlessly long and dark Chicago winter weekends. So I taught myself to play. More accurately, I taught myself to play four chords, which is pretty much all you need for most popular music produced in the 60s.

When I returned to Pittsburgh, I convinced Sara to do a solo during church, with just me on the guitar. Even though the song contained seven of the four chords I knew, I managed to get through it without any obvious mistakes. It was the first time I had played guitar in public- and, to date, the only time I did it without any royal screw-ups.

If you want to hear some really superb guitar, listen to the full praise band's version of Praise Adonai. The great bridge in the middle is performed by Dave Haines on acoustic, and Eric Stark on rhythm guitar.

Happy Father's Day, guys. And give your kids a hug.

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