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Published Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 3:18 PM EDT
May 31 2010

(Warning: strong language.)

Fot the past couple weeks we've been preparing to move back to our house in South Park. The hardest part of the move? Getting rid of stuff.

And I mean a lot of stuff. Most of the house was cleared when we moved out here to Fayette City, but lots remained. Like a 24-year old, 32-inch, 250 pound non-functioning direct view CRT television, old toys, accumulated souvenirs and other debris- over 200 square feet, stacked two boxes high in some places.

For the past several days, I've been tackling the garage. We've hauled a ton and a hundred thousand of dollars worth of stuff that have accumulated over the past two decades. I'm talking original cost, of course; computer equipment depreciates like unrefrigerated milk. Roughly 20 obsolete computer systems, miles of cables, RS-232 25-pin connectors and switchboxes, and some items even I couldn't even identify. I hope the Goodwill computer center has an archaeologist on staff. I doubt any of them has ever seen an 8" hard-sectored Vydec floppy disk or a horizontal auto-loading 9-track 6250 bpi SCSI tape drive.

Getting rid of stuff is a liberating experience. Still, there were some items I just couldn't toss. My collection of DEC Professional and VAX Professional magazines. The acrylic lightbulb paperweight I've had for 37 years. Some yearbooks. Things the kids made for me when they were little.

That stuff is now tucked away in the storage compartment under the cellar steps, where someday someone will, undoubtedly, toss it into a dumpster without second thought.

Now we get to move, and fill up the garage again. Life is a circle, indeed.

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