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Crusade of the week

Published Monday, June 28, 2010 @ 2:14 AM EDT
Jun 28 2010

So I dropped my cell phone into the dogs' water bowl while chasing Cindy's cat Chloe, who escaped while I was letting out one of the dogs.

I caught the cat and retrieved the phone, both of which were acting erratically. The cat ran upstairs and took a dump at the bottom of the steps leading to our bedroom; the cell phone screen flashed a few times, then went dark.

Hey, no problem. I have Asurion insurance through my carrier, Verizon Wireless. A few minutes on their website filling out a simple claim form, and they said I'd have another phone by tomorrow (Tuesday).

I was a bit concerned when the website said it was sending me an Audiovox phone, when the model I have is actually an HTC. But the photo of the phone was correct, and a quick Google search confirmed the model number listed was indeed my device.

I reached the checkout screen where one provides the credit card info to pay the $50 deductible- and I discovered the charge was actually $89.

I keep everything. Every receipt, bill, correspondence and e-mail is either scanned or archived somewhere on my computer. A search quickly located the Asurion policy, which clearly stated the deductible amount as $50, not $89.

So I called Asurion, and the very polite gentleman asked me to hold while he checked my policy. Presently he confirmed that, yes, the deductible for my particular phone was indeed $89.

After a day of McDonalds-induced gastrointestinal pyrotechnics which left me with a pounding headache, a sensitive portal and a decided physical and psychological dependence on loperamide hydrochloride, I wasn't going to argue. I asked him to mail me a copy of the policy. The nice man apologized for the confusion and said I'd receive the paperwork in two or three days.

Now it's entirely possible I missed a notice from Verizon or Asurion about the deductible. I get so much marketing crap from Verizon Wireless in the mail that I may have thrown it out. But usually those types of things are clearly marked, and I routinely scan everything I get, so my inability to find the notice makes me skeptical.

It appears I have my moral imperative of the week.

But right now, I need to find a cork.

And that cat.

Categories: Cats, KGB Family

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